TOA Series Pipe Heads AVC & OSC
TOA Series Pipe Heads AVC & OSC Medium Wall Pipe Welding Orbital Welding System Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Klang Supplier, Manufacturer, Supply, Supplies | HH Automation Sdn Bhd
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  • Open thick-Wall pipe to pipe weling expert-orbital welding head
  • Suitable for pipe installation, wide range of welding with AVC tracking and OSC covering

Product Description

This welding head is special designed for pipe to pipe TIG welding, suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel pipe to pipe connection, mainly for wire feeding or self-fusion, option of TB150 integrated wire feeder and HWT10 external wire feeder with AVC & OSC function.

Support equipment: i-Arc400 Programmable Orbital Welding Power Source.

Application: chemical, food, medicine, engineering installation, boiler, military, nuclear and so on.


  • Suitable for medium wall thickness carbon steel, stainless steel material pipe welding
  • Suitable for connection of tube to tube, tube to flange, tube to elbow, tube to valve and so on
  • Automatic all position TIG pipe to pipe welding with/without wire feeding
  • Compact structure design, stable rotation with small rotating inertia
  • Water circuit cooling, achieving long time working
  • Oscillation, multi-passes welding process
  • Optional of external/integrated wire feeder


  TOA77 TOA130 TOA180 TOA230 TOA320
Material Carbon steel, stainless steel
Tube OD(mm) Inner clamp:
(3/4″กซ1 3/4″)
Inner clamp:
(1 1/2″กซ3″)
Inner clamp:
(2″กซ4 1/2″)
Inner clamp:
(4 1/2″กซ7″)
Inner clamp:
Outer clamp:
(1 3/4″กซ3″)
Outer clamp:
Outer clamp:
(4 1/2″กซ7″)
Outer clamp:
Outer clamp:
(9″กซ12 3/4″)
Tungsten diameter(mm) Φ2.4กขΦ3.2 Φ2.4กขΦ3.2 Φ2.4กขΦ3.2 Φ2.4กขΦ3.2 Φ2.4กขΦ3.2
Rotation speed(rpm) 0.19กซ3.8 0.11กซ2.2 0.09กซ1.8 0.05กซ1.0 0.026กซ0.52
Protective gas Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar
Cooling Water Water Water Water Water
Cooling flow(ml/min) ≥600 ≥600 ≥600 ≥600 ≥600
OSC width(mm) 20 40 40 40 40
AVC height(mm) 40 40 40 40 40
Wire diameter(mm) Φ1.0(standard) Φ1.0(standard) Φ1.0(standard) Φ1.0(standard) Φ1.0(standard)
Max wire feeding speed(mm/min) 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800
Dimension(mm) กก- - - - -
A 220 300 375 425 550
B 180 235 285 300 315
C 112กซ132 132กซ172 184กซ224 195กซ235 230กซ270
D 92 165 225 250 297
E 82 132 182 232 328
F 320 400 525 570 680
Weight(kg) 5.5(no cable) 10.8(no cable) 19.5(no cable) 21.5(no cable) 36(no cable)
Dimension(mm) 370×220×320 435×300×400 445×375×525 465×425×570 430×610×680

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