Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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HH Fiber Laser Cutting Machine adopts IPG Fiber Laser (US)

Product Description

HH Fiber Laser Cutting Machine adopts IPG Fiber Laser (US) with up to 30% wall-plug efficiency, which is several times higher than coventional lasers. In addition, fiber laser also provides numerous advantages such as high reliability, fine beam quality, low overall cost, high compactness, etc. Integrated with high feature control system and rigid mechanical structure, HUAHENG is a high-quality & high-efficiency cutting expert.

Processin Gange 1500*3000、2000*4000、2000*6000
Speed X、Y 500m/min、100m/min
A Top Speed 70m/min、100m/min
Acceleration 0.6G、1G
Positioning Accuracy 0.005mm
Cutting Precision 0.2mm
Laser IPG (胆忽)
Power 500W、1000W、1500W、2000W、3000W、4000W、6000W

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