About Us
HH Automation Sdn Bhd is the designer and manufacturer of integrated automatic welding solution. We provide high-performance and advanced products, mainly including orbital welding systems, large automatic Plasma / TIG / MIG welding system, plasma cutting & laser, and robotic welding systems.

With a full range of manufacturing, measuring, inspection and analyzing equipment, such as high-precision CNC machining center, automatic cutting table, and automatic robotic welding system, etc., it enables HH Automation Sdn Bhd to carry out modern mass production on the basis of robust R&D, manufacture, service, and training.

Our extensive range of products includes automated orbital welding systems, mechanized welding systems, robotic welding systems, and automated painting systems. Besides these standard systems, we also manfacture a number of customized welding systems every year to meet customer's requirements. The welding systems we produce are ideal for use in a variiety of industries where weld quality and efficiency are important.

We have gained rich experience in the art of welding over decades of providing welding systems for customers in many sectors, such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, boiler & heat exchanger, off shore, shipbuilding, nuclear energy, power generation, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, high pressure vessal, semiconductor, dairy, engineering construction, locomotive, mining, defense, and so on.

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